Why Vlammers?

Where do you get to practice and prepare for difficult interview questions and translate your proven qualities to new surroundings? Hardly anywhere. Because a coach or trainer is usually not an experienced recruiter. And if you were to ask an agency for an exploratory interview, they will probably politely turn you down, unless you accidentally happen to fit a vacancy they are working on at the time.

Vlammers is about you. With a realistic interview structure and with realistic questions. About your CV and your career choices to date. About what you have done and what you have learned. About how you come across. About what are you really good at and how you can substantiate that. And we won’t avoid personal, confronting questions, either.

You will be put in the hotseat and extensively questioned, but there is no actual offer pending on how well you do. And because you get immediate feedback, you will be much better prepared to present yourself in a next interview when that offer may indeed depend on it.

For whom is Vlammers best suited?