For individuals and companies

Vlammers focusses on professionals with several years ofwork experience. People in their thirties, forties and fifties that are at a crossroads in their careers and haven’t done a proper interview in a while, for example because they have grown to new roles internally, or are just can't seem to land a second interview.

For people who are good at their jobs, but not necessarily so at being job-interviewed. Or for those that do not get -or want- a whole outplacement when being let go, but who could benefit of some ‘sharpening up'.

For companies that want to support the professionals they need to let go, because they want to take care of their people in bad times, too. For companies that like to get their best people ready to apply for senior leadership positions internally, making sure they can quantify their competences, drivers and development areas.


Vlammers adds the most value when talking to experienced professionals. A conversation about results, about focus an ambitions, about decisions and influence. This approach is therefore less suited for starters.


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