Selection-interview training for professionals

Vlammers offer professionals the unique possibility to discreetly practice a selection interview with highly experienced and independent recruiter. A specialist that has been doing interviews for over 20 years, both at search agencies and ’inhouse’ with multinationals.

Vlammers helps with a solid preparation for a next interview by having a spiced-up conversation with you. About you as a professional. About your strengths, your careergrowth and the choices you've made, but also about what you have had to learn to get where you are. About knowledge and skills, about styles and results.

Vlammers is not careercoaching or a standard question-answer session, but a well prepared and realistic interview where we dig deep. Personal and to the point. Including those difficult questions. You will most likely get some firm feedback, but also also insights and advice that is actually helpful.

Making sure that you will be on fire in your next interview!




Why Vlammers?